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Individual Therapy

Integrating experiential and cognitive behavioral models with systems theory helps clients identify issues and understand new ways for dealing with the challenges of life.

Seeing the therapeutic journey as collaborative, a safe space is offered for clients to explore areas of imbalance and distress in their lives and relationships. Individual therapy is adapted to fit each clients needs for growth and change.

Finding balance with work, family, leisure, spirituality and self-care is a special challenge in today's busy and sometimes chaotic world. Identifying your values and bringing alignment in your life with these values enhances your ability to live with integrity.  

I work with a wide variety of individual clients including professionals in the fields of medicine, law, real estate and mental health, gifted and highly sensitive children and teens, emerging professionals looking for balance and meaning and adults in the "Care" stage of life (ages 40 - 64) who are meeting needs of both younger and older generations.

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